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Drawing the Line

Drawing the Line

By Celeste

Toe tip after toe tip, she finds it: a thin line. The
only thing between tumbling and rising. Balance is what she conjures.
Stretching her legs, prepares her for the dissection

Of eyes that chew.  

The tightroper has ghost who whisper. The lightness of their tails
plugged into her shoulder, like an umbilical cord humming her tunes. They swarm
at the hollows, filling them with

venom. Beating thoughts on the drums of her ears. A helmet of compression on the temples. Comes hot like asphalt. Cascading
down her skin, in spirals of yellow and green. 

She will devour them: the public. She will devour excitement, death, the edge; she will devour the camouflage of death.

Originally from Los Angeles, Celeste has
 been living in North County San Diego since 2009. 
Her colorful poetry impress mysterious images upon the
 reader leaving it open for interpretation.

The Clown

The Clown

your judgments must be proud