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You Can Do Better Than This

You Can Do Better Than This

You can do better than this.



We have a logo. It's to the right.

I bought it off Getty Images for $50.00.

I know you can do better than this. 

This is a cool image-I wouldn’t have bought it otherwise. But I know that there are plenty of artists out there who can do better than this.

And so, I’m hosting a contest.

$100.00 to whoever creates a better logo than the one above. 

Please submit your entry by February 28th.

Here are the guidelines.

1.     We want our logo to describe what the site is trying to do. What are we trying to do: Resist the political climate through creative work. Look through our website. View our contributors page. Hopefully, that will inspire you. 

2.     Logo must be formatted so that we can see it well on our website. Please submit it in vector quality/format.

3.     Winner will be announced February 28th. 

Thank you.


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