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What Are You Looking For?

People have written in and asked for guidance beyond the submission guidelines. Here are a few thoughts.

Your submissions don’t have to be expressly political. Write, paint, draw what interests you, what you obsess about, what brings you joy, what you think needs to be said.

We want to provide high-quality content. Don’t interpret this as we only accept people who have already been published. We want to be a place where emerging voices can be heard.

Having said that, I know there are a few of you who really want examples of what we are looking for. The Awl, which is unfortunately ending at the end of this month, is one of our models. Look through it, and you’ll see a site that maintained a high-level of writing while allowing its contributors to write about everything and anything they were interested in. Lit-Rally doesn’t have Choire Sicha to guide it, but Lit-rally would be a great site indeed if it too was regularly a place where people could publish what interested them, rather than what they knew appealed to the editors of the site.

The Morning News, which every year does its Tournament of Books, is an amazing site. It showcases thoughtful, articulate essays and has links to excellent news stories.

As a final note, I’m linking a few examples of a few pieces that, for different reasons, we keep coming back to:

-       Who Goes Nazi by Dorothy Thompson

-       The Low Road by Kim McLarin

-       Eileen Pollack’s Pigeons- which first appeared in the Spring 2012 edition of Prairie Schooner, and then was republished in 2013 edition of Best American Essays. Please, please go look this up. 

-       The Rape Joke by Patricia Lockwood

-       Dear Jack by Dennis Mahoney

Good luck, and please submit your work!

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